The four skills of putting are simply reading the putt, aiming the putter face and body, rolling the rock, and controlling distance. Cooperating with the innate processes while executing each skill and then blending those instinctive skills produces a lethal advantage on the putting green you have not experienced yet.  We can all be cats on the green indeed.  "Thinkin you're stinkin" is amplified greatly on the putting green where the mental pressure of pass or fail is always imminent.  Imagine always being totally relaxed on the putting green.

"The main thrust of this new approach is to complement and enhance innate human processes for perception and movement in putting.  That is, the golfer wants to learn how to putt instinctively using the same processes of perception and movement relied upon by all humans everyday since the beginning of human life. I term this enterprise "The Mechanics of Instinct", meaning not that golfers require a full blown education in neuroscience, but that golfers need to know in simple terms how to use their innate processes accurately and effectively on the green."

                                                   - Geoff Mangum



MECHANICS OF INSTINCT                          

Lethally effective putting in true cooperation with the non-conscious processes that control human perception and movement 

"The four skills of putting are interrelated in the instinctive action in subtle and deep ways.  Timing appears to be the most important aspect that relates touch to reading and touch to stroke dynamics.  The perceptions in aiming and generating distance control rely upon the stability of this timing as well.  In the final analysis, instinctive putting is simply "look and putt" in the same sense that a Bengal tiger "looks and jumps" from the ground onto a large branch in the jungle tree.  Efficient, non-conscious, accurate, repeatable.  Golf instructors just like taking the long way home."

                                                                      -  Geoff Mangum

Mechanics of Instinct 


"We were bodies before we were minds."  -  Jordan Peterson

Discover the "magic" of instinctive distance control which leads to everyday relaxed focus on the greens.  Say good bye to intense "grinding" on the greens forever.

What works and why in cooperation with the instincts on the putting green is the approach you need to discover.  There is enough to think about during your competitive round.  The putting green can become a refuge of serenity instead of another source of stress during your day.  Imagine a feeling of calmness when you pull the putter instead of putting on your "thinking" cap and really starting the grind.  Cooperating with the non-conscious processes that control human perception and movement is the most effective way to produce your best putting and you'll be surprised how simple the basics really are.

Discovering the genius of your instinctive distance control on long lags will be our first step because once you experience the "magic" of thought-free accuracy, your mind will be open the the new possibilities. Next step is an automatic straight stroke solely dependent upon set up.  Simplified green reading and instinctive aim are also simply normal processes when "thinkin you're stinkin" doesn't muck things up.   

Never miss short putts again with a non-conscious straight stroke totally dependent upon set up, and aim that cooperates with the instinctive brain.  Knowledge is power.