"The seemingly unfair reality is that great coaches learn more than the students during every lesson.  What a great life."  -  Frank McChrystal

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, then you don't understand it yourself".      -Albert Einstein

Mechanics of Instinct 

Juniors...what will I teach your kids?  We will discover and own the true instinctive fundamentals (and there are only a handful).  Then.... parents and coaches simply get out of the way.  It is the instinctive player that confidently relaxes and allows their best effort to show up daily.

  • First and foremost, I will make sure they understand that God made them perfect, just the way he planned; so comparing themselves to anyone else is a complete waste of time.

  • We will use the games of golf and tennis as tools for learning a much more important skill...the art of concentration. We will awaken another part of the brain and beat back the negative effects of video games.  Old school common sense is also on the menu.

  • Competition will be presented as the truest form of cooperation. Your duty as a competitor is to produce your best effort always to provide the best competition for your opponent.  By always producing your best effort, you are growing your own game and cooperating with the growth of your opponents'.  

  • I will stress rugged individualism in my effort make your child "peer pressure proof." "Know thyself" is the first step towards this goal.

  • Never, never ever quit.

  • We will focus on the true FUNdamentals of golf and tennis.  Genius lies in simplicity and we will reduce variables in all endeavors.  Your child's instinctive balance, rhythm, and spine safety will be the foundation as we figure out how to make the golf clubs and tennis racket "just another bone in the body".  The end goal is always an instinctive, low maintenance game that holds up under pressure.   Your child will discover this personal game with a deep understanding of grip, stance, posture, balance, and rhythm.  We will never copy any perceived "perfect swing".  All motion discovered will be instinctively safe which promotes the precision needed to develop everyday trust in thyself.