Thanks to Shawn Clement for his pioneering spirit while leading the charge out of the darkness into the light.  Golf instruction has experienced it's true dark ages during the past 35 years and Shawn's love of the game and never say die attitude keeps him at the forefront of the recent discoveries that will change the way we learn golf forever.  Revolutionary body safe instruction and basics 101 make him the must first stop for all beginners! A deep understanding of balance and rhythm is yours if you do the time with Shawn.  A true understanding of the pelvis and transverse plane balance has been his gift to me.  Thanks always for the good times and your help along the way Shawn!

"The motor cortex executes the plan formed by the somatosensory cortex but does so with "ballistic" impulses down the motor pyramid of the spinal cord.  On the way down, the cerebellum "modulates" these crude impulses by adding finesseful directional and amplitude definition to the whole body action - responsive to the shifting or changing body-in-space or the target-in-the-world."    -    Geoff Magnum

"My theory is based on searching for the automatic golf swing motion in that all depends on human body limitations rather that possibilities.  In order to make a movement automatic there must not be any free capability left in a specific motion, otherwise timing issues come along.  Less timing issues = less small thoughts and concepts = more coordinated motion  = more repeatability and consistency - this is the motto of the Biokinetic Golf Swing Theory."

                                                                                                                                        - Dariusz  Jedrzejewski

"Prepare your body and your mind to automatic motion and just let it happen. Find your own physical limitations and let them speak for you.  You need only to make them appear in your motion."  - Dariusz Jedrzejewski                                                                                                                                                        


Thanks to Geoff Magnum ( for emphatically encouraging me to look further past the sports psychology spawned in the 70's.  This was the key turning point in my search for body-brain synergy during competition and learning.  It was a reluctant leap of faith because I had decades of coaching success using the current mainstream sports psychology from the 70's.  Thanks always for allowing me to hi-jack your term "mechanics of instinct" and your guidance through the years as I studied the new brain science and searched for the "mechanics of instinct" far beyond the putting green.  Geoff is the unique genius you meet only once or twice in your life and spending a few days with him on the greens is mandatory if you are serious at all about scoring. Thanks for the good times Geoff!

"Information and planning takes place in the cortex, and it sends a signal down the spinal tract to activate it.  But this signal also goes to the inferior olive and reaches the cerebellum.  And the cerebellum also gets feedback from actual movement that is taking place.  The cerebellum compares what you intend to what is actually taking place, generates an error which is then able to correct your movement while it is actually taking place.  This simple circuit actually works in a very complex way, which we are all seeking to understand, to produce the smooth effect of our skilled movements as human beings."    -    Farid Youssef

"The club must be just another bone in the body!"  -  Shawn Clement

"Safe body rotation happens in the ball and socket joints at the tops of the femurs and below the pelvic bone."  -  Shawn Clement

Thanks to Dariusz Jedrzejezski, whose research into the biokinetics and biomechanics of the golf swing explains why the all time greats from the 40's and 50's are still considered to be the all time greats.  With his study of the hard structure of the body in motion, he makes the critical understanding of sagittal and coronal plane balance possible.  His explanation of automating movement by eliminating any free capability left in a specific motion is genius and turns out to be a huge clue in the search for instinctively safe motion. A deep study of Dariusz' work (Biokinetic Golf Swing Theory) is the baseline from which you start your study of Hogan (if you want to figure out Hogan). Thanks always Dariusz for your help along the way.  Meeting you is on my bucket list. 

"I term this enterprise "The Mechanics of Instinct" meaning not that golfers require a full blown education in neuroscience, but that golfers need to know in simple terms how to use their innate processes accurately and effectively.  Conscious techniques use inappropriate processes of the brain for perception - movement action, and using these processes instead of the instinctive and non-conscious  processes both causes harm and depletes available resources for effective action."    -    Geoff Mangum

Thanks to Farid Youssef for making an intensely complex subject much more understandable for a mere human and humbling us all with the notion that we are not totally there yet.  Genius indeed lies in simplicity.  Thanks also for convincing me that what God has created, no man will ever replicate.

Mechanics of Instinct