HEY COACH!   If the "new move" doesn't click seamlessly; you are replacing one non-instinctive move with another and the body will never cooperate! Move on.

Mechanics of Instinct 


Why do some changes to your game "click" instantly and become part of you and other changes take hours, days, weeks of "working on that new move until you groove it" and "changing muscle memory"?  And why do those "new moves" that you finally puppeteer perfectly in practice never hold up under the pressure of competition?

When the solution is simple GOD is answering.  -  Einstein

Any swing change worth making will be seamlessly and permanently adapted by the body if it cooperates with the body's instinctive will to be absolutely safe. This "instinctive" change yields instant measurable results because when the body anticipates totally safe motion, it shifts focus to precision and finesse. The body and brain are finally on the same page and performance at full potential is realized.

The natural learning we all used while learning to walk is the path to instinctive motion.  In the words of Geoff Mangum, "The body leads the way and the brain catalogs what hurts and what works".  Never pick a fight with the instincts.

Instinctive motion is simply "normal" motion and changes that the body views as more safe are incorporated seamlessly. There is no "getting used to" transition period. Measurable improvement either does or does not occur instantly because the body uses a 100% pass/fail system as it continuously seeks absolute safe motion.  There is no gray area of "almost right".  Your body leads the way as the brain catalogs what hurts and what works. This is the instinctive learning that leads to the only motion that performs better under the pressure of competition.

 There is a level of precision you have not experienced yet and that is not because of a lack of effort. "Professional" instruction became non-instinctive about 35  years ago and the only beneficiaries are chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, physical trainers, and "mental game" gurus. The beat goes on and the all time greats are still considered to be the all time greats.   EVERYDAY MAXED OUT POTENTIAL CAN ONLY BECOME REALITY WHEN INSTINCTIVELY SAFE MOTION ALLOWS THE BODY TO FOCUS ON PRECISION AND FINESSE.  

 Finding your personal mechanics of instinct (the 100% instinctively safe motion that allows the body to focus upon precision and finesse) happens at mach speed when you discover your true fundamentals that cooperate with the non-conscious system your body uses as it continuously searches for absolute safe motion. All changes that evolve towards your personal, instinctive body-safe motion occur seamlessly and produce immediate improvement. Becoming a slave to "we need to change your muscle memory" and "work on that move until you groove it" is a dead end street that leads to the"static" between the body and brain that squashes your potential.  YOUR BODY KNOWS WHEN YOU ARE REPLACING ONE NON INSTINCTIVE MOVE WITH ANOTHER AND NEVER COOPERATES.  IN CONTRAST,THE BODY INCORPORATES SEAMLESSLY ANY NEW MOVE THAT IT VIEWS AS "SAFER" IN REGARDS TO BALANCE AND SPINE SAFETY.  All new motion worth keeping never requires a "getting used to" transition period because change worth making allows the body to shift intentions from safety to precision and finesse, and instant measurable improvement follows.  Say goodbye to the everyday search and maintenance of a perceived "perfect swing" and hello to what you really own.  Welcome to eternal trust in thyself.