Today's universally taught "one size fits all" stance is addictively easy to teach and makes total sense on the surface.  However, this stance destroys coronal plane balance once the motion starts and your body abandons your consciously planned intentions as it always seeks balance first. It also stalls out the lower body much too early and disrupts the instinctive kinetic chain.  Your body and brain are never on the same page from the start and this "static" is the source of inaccurate performance, tension, and self doubt.

"The proper stance and posture enable a golfer to be perfectly balanced and poised throughout the swing."

-Ben Hogan


​Once the motion starts your body is either either chasing balance and spine safety with non-conscious postural adjustments OR your body feels balanced and safe enough to focus on precision and finesse.  The cerebellum uses a 100% pass fail system as it regulates body motion for complete balance and spine safety so there is no gray area of "almost right".   Non-conscious postural adjustments for balance and spine safety are made during the swing, and they are the source of mediocre accuracy that leads to tension and self doubt.  



Your personal rhythm has been ingrained instinctively as your body has learned "what hurts and what works" from birth to present on planet earth, and your game is stuck in neutral without it.  Positional teaching methods and puppeteering the perceived perfect swing has robbed you of your personal rhythm....fact.

​  "Rhythm makes postural adjustments for maintaining balance during the motion much easier and more stable."    

- Geoff Mangum

My swing balances me!    -   Moe Norman

Is your club another bone in your body or are you only grasping a tool? Are you in complete control of the club without the tension in the forearms that chokes off power and dulls the feedback from the hands? Are there built in "pre-sets" in your grip that non consciously produce an extended hitting zone (flat spot) through impact?  What if there is a much deeper understanding of the grip that can provide a major breakthrough in power and accuracy?


​-Ben Hogan

Basics....   True, there is not one swing for everybody.  But there is one and only one unique swing for each individual.  It is the swing that cooperates with the non-conscious instincts that keep us safe.  A deeper understanding of "what works and why" in cooperation with theses instincts in regards to grip, stance, posture and rhythm is the true path to the game improvement you seek.


Mechanics of Instinct 

The modern posture picks a fight with the body's instinctive will to be well.  The flat back, iron byron spine angle may be great for a robot but it puts the body in a vulnerable position of stress instead of the relaxed athleticism demonstrated by the all time greats.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


"Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control"

                                                                                                                                              -Joseph Pilates


"Machinelike precision and reliability follows instinctive balance, rhythm, and spine safety". 

-Frank McChrystal