Mechanics of Instinct 

Non instinctive motion ALWAYS gets modified into 100% balance and spine safety DURING THE SWING!  These non-conscious postural adjustments cause the inaccuracy which leads to tension and self doubt.  Your body and brain are simply on different pages.

INSTINCTS... never, ever pick a fight with them.

"Out of clutter, find simplicity."   -Albert Einstein

Getting it together mentally and experiencing your full potential everyday involves letting your body  perform only instinctive motion that the cerebellum views as 100% safe so it can shift it's intentions to precision and finesse.  Today's reactive sports psychology with it's roots in the 70's truly has nothing to do with it.  Welcome to 2019.

 Instinctive motion requires no non-conscious postural adjustments for balance and spine safety DURING THE SWING, allowing the cerebellum to switch intentions from safety to precision and finesse.  This is the body-brain synergy affectionately called "the zone".

​The cerebellum is first and foremost a non-conscious organ, just like your heart and liver, and it can never be overridden.

The cerebellum (red) continuously monitors body movement non-consciously.  WITH METICULOUS PRECISION BEYOND HUMAN COMPREHENSION IT JUDGES ALL MOTION PLANNED IN THE CEREBRUM AS SAFE OR UNSAFE. This 100% pass/fail system forms the instincts that keep us alive. All motion planned in the conscious cerebrum (green) either cooperates or picks a fight with these instincts. All cerebrally planned motion judged to be unsafe by the cerebellum will be modified into complete balance and spine safety with non-conscious postural adjustments made DURING THE MOTION. All cerebrally planned motion judged to be safe will be modified for precision and finesse, responsive to the shifting body in space or target in the world. 


 The cerebellum (red) recognizes unsafe motion within the intentions planned by the cerebrum (blue). This less than 100% instinctive motion is modified into complete balance and spine safety with non-conscious postural adjustments made during the swing!  YOUR CONSCIOUS INTENTIONS ARE RELEGATED TO SECONDARY IMPORTANCE AS THE CEREBELLUM ALWAYS PRIORITIZES SAFETY FIRST.  YOUR INTENSIONS PLANNED CONSCIOUSLY AND YOUR ACTIONS CONTROLLED NON-CONSCIOUSLY ARE SIMPLY NOT ON THE SAME PAGE. This "static" between the body and the brain results in mediocre precision which always leads to tension and self doubt. Non-conscious postural adjustments made during the swing are the inescapable by-product of puppeteering a perceived "perfect swing" and the non-instinctive teaching methods of the past 30 years.  THIS IS THE SCENARIO THAT ALWAYS PREVENTS TRUST IN THYSELF.

SCENARIO II: Precision and Finesse

The cerebellum (red) recognizes perfectly adaptive, 100% body- safe, instinctive motion within the intentions planned by the cerebrum (blue). This motion requires no non-conscious postural adjustments for balance and spine safety made during the swing! THE CEREBELLUM IS FREE TO SHIFT INTENTIONS TO PRECISION AND FINESSE.  THE RESULT IS ACCURATE, TENSION FREE PERFORMANCE AT YOUR FULL POTENTIAL WHICH LEADS TO EVERYDAY TRUST IN THYSELF. This thought free peak efficiency is the the same body-brain synergy we experience while walking.  Relaxed concentration, which leads to peak performance during competition, is only possible when the body and brain are on the same page and no non-conscious postural adjustments for balance and spine safety are being performed DURING THE SWING!  In other words, peak performance occurs when the cerebellum is focused on precision and finesse first and foremost, because the motion planned in the cerebrum has already passed all tests for balance and spine safety. 


"There is no muscle memory, there is no mental game. You have one body and one brain, now deal with it!"     -Geoff Mangum

"The path to pain-free is the same path to the precision that will make you great".

​                                        -Frank McChrystal