​This website is dedicated to all golfers searching for answers and stuck in neutral simply because you are not in tune with the non-conscious instincts that keep your body safe during the swing. And these instincts can never be overridden. Once the motion starts, your body is instinctively chasing balance and spine safety OR your body feels safe enough to focus on precision and finesse. You have one body and one brain that controls all movement non-consciously! It's the same body and brain you used while learning to walk long before you became concerned with your "muscle memory" and "mental game".   

Frank McChrystal

Instinctive Movement Coach


Precision and finesse can only follow instinctive balance, rhythm, and spine safety.

I believe in standardizing the automobile.  I do not believe in standardizing human beings.  -  Einstein

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.  -  Einstein

Mechanics of Instinct 

​The brain science for perception and movement has in the past 15 years surpassed and supplanted all previous knowledge by more than 300 times and it is time to pay attention!  This fresh knowledge sensibly describes the true path to body-brain synergy (the zone) both while competing and during the learning process. The new neuroscience also explains why the sports psychology first introduced by Gallwey in the 70's and then regurgitated to golfers by Rotella is reactionary and woefully incomplete.  The foundational concepts of today's sports psychology still don't give you any clues as to where your occasional crummy shots come from!!  "Staying with the process", "trusting thyself", and "nonjudgmental awareness" just does not get it done. The new brain science details the finite process to getting the body and brain on the same page which leads to everyday performance at your peak potential. 

​Intellectuals solve problems.  Geniuses prevent them.  -  Einstein


  Acceptance of occasional errant shots and endless short game practice to salvage scores is the defensive culture of an entire generation of very serious golfers who have never experienced complete control of the golf ball.  There is a level of consistency you have not experienced yet and that is not because of a lack of effort.  The game you play now has been pre-determined by the era in which you were born.  Golf instruction lost it's way and became non-instinctive about 35 years ago, which led to professionals employing  chiropractors, physical trainers, and "mental game" gurus about 20 years ago. The new brain science explains simply how the body and brain work together during both learning and competition. In a nutshell here is the great news. The non-conscious brain which controls all physical movement has one priority and that is to keep you safe.  In regards to the golf swing we are talking about balance, rhythm, and spine safety.  ANY CHANGES THAT PROMOTE MORE BALANCE, RHYTHM, OR SPINE SAFETY ARE ADAPTED BY THE BODY IMMEDIATELY!  This seamless change always produces permanent measurable improvement because  when the non-conscious brain is totally satisfied with safety, it is freed up to switch intentions to precision and finesse. Your body and brain are simply on the same page!! Understanding the instinctive motion which the body deems safe enough to switch intentions to precision and finesse is also the only way to avoid repetitive use injury and prolong your career.  So, the path to more precision is also the path to PAIN FREE.