as to where your occasional crummy shots come from!  A much simpler understanding of the body-brain relationship during both learning and competing has been revealed by the new brain science.  Acceptance of occasional errant shots and endless short game practice to salvage scores is the fatalist culture of an entire generation of very serious golfers.  There is a level of performance you have not experienced yet and we both know that is not because of a lack of effort.  The game you play now has been pre-determined by the era in which you were born.  Golf instruction lost it's way and became non-instinctive about 30 years ago, about the time professionals started having chiropractors, physical trainers and "mental game" coaches in tow......hmmm, wonder why?  Here is the good news.  Nothing behind you matters all that much and the difference between late and too late is immeasurable.  In a nutshell without going into the detail you can find in this website, here is the exciting new paradigm.  The non-conscious brain which controls all physical movement has one priority and that is to keep you safe.  In regards to the golf swing we are talking about balance, rhythm, and spine safety.  Any change that heads in the direction of more balance, more personal rhythm, and more spine safety is incorporated  seamlessly and instantly.  This type of change produces instant measurable improvement because  when the non-conscious brain is totally satisfied with safety, only then it switches intentions to precision and finesse.  It is the non-instinctive changes that still violate body safety that turn you into a range rat as you "work on that new move until you groove it" or "work to change muscle memory".  And then your hard earned "new move" never holds up under pressure anyway because what you learn to puppeteer on the range is still not instinctively safe.  Instinctive motion which the body deems safe enough to switch intentions to precision and finesse is also the only way to avoid repetitive use injury and prolong your career.  So, the path to more precision is also the path to longevity! Einstein once said "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".  Let's talk and you will know right away if you have ever met a coach like me or not.  Enjoy the website!


The neuroscience for perception and movement, has in the past 15 years surpassed and supplanted all prior knowledge about the brain by 300 times over.  This fresh knowledge explains why no two swings in the hall of fame are exactly alike and emphatically condemns the present day individual body part positional teaching. This flawed swing learning process produces "static" between the body and the brain which always leads to tension and self doubt. It is the exact reason you often leave your best work on the range.  The new neuroscience also explains why the sports psychology first introduced by Galwey in the 70's and then presented later to the golf community by Rotella is reactionary and woefully incomplete.  The foundational concepts of "keeping your mind in the present", "nonjudgmental awareness", "relaxed concentration", and "spontaneous performance" still don't give you any clues


Frank McChrystal

Instinctive Movement Coach



Mechanics of Instinct