Mechanics of Instinct 

"True, there is not one swing for everybody.  But there is one and only one unique swing for each individual; it is the swing that makes the body feel safe enough to focus on precision and finesse. The path to more precision is the same path to pain free." 


 Recent brain science condemns the puppeteering of a perceived "perfect swing" and provides revolutionary clues to getting the body and brain on the same page during individual competition.  Instinctive motion is simply normal motion the body views as "safe".  Discovering your instinctively "safe" motion is the path to more play and less pain.  More importantly, it is also the only path to the improvement you seek, because machinelike precision and everyday consistency can only follow instinctive balance, rhythm, and spine safety.  This website is "tip" free so if you're serious about improvement and leaving your competitors in the dust, I invite you take the time to explore it fully. It just might change your life.  Einstein once said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible but no simpler", and I have done my best in that regard.  The forty years of searching for the so called "zone" while coaching was the easy part.  Condensing and simplifying was surprisingly another two year project.  Enjoy!!


Frank McChrystal

Instinctive Movement Coach


  The brain science of the past fifteen years clearly shows that getting it together "mentally" involves a physical road map.  There is no "mental game".  There is no "muscle memory".  You have one body and one brain.  You don't remember it, but they worked quite well as you learned to walk.  Instinctive movement is simply normal movement that your body trusts as "safe" and it is the true path to the accuracy and consistency you seek.  Machinelike precision and everyday consistency can only follow instinctive balance, rhythm, and spine safety.

The non-conscious instincts, that regulate human movement for body safety, must be cooperated with as you build your game.  The all time greats built their games with instinctive motion, and so should you. Instinctive motion is body friendly, eliminates the source of "mental game" issues because it keeps the body and brain on the same page, and is as maintenance free as walking.   The neuroscience for perception and movement, has in the past 15 years surpassed all prior knowledge by many times over. It explains why no two swings in the hall of fame are exactly alike and condemns "chasing the perfect swing" as a source of static between the body and brain.  It also explains why cooperating with the instincts that regulate balance and spine safety is the key to becoming a mental giant during competition, as opposed to the reactionary "mental game" jargon which was spawned in the seventies and still rules today. Einstein once said, "You cannot solve a problem on the level on which it was created", and cooperating with the non-conscious instincts that keep the body safe is the true path to the accuracy and consistency you seek.  Your ultimate potential can only be realized when your body and brain are on the same page and your body feels instinctively safe enough to focus on precision and finesse.   

Let's get busy!  Say goodbye to the everyday search and maintenance of a perceived "perfect swing"and puppeteering that cerebrally contrived motion while trying to compete.  It is the instinctive beast that rules the athletic world, not the stressed out puppeteer.  Discover the body-brain synergy that is the only path to trust in thyself which leads to everyday performance at your full potential .  Coaches are Born... and you have never met one quite like me.  Your next breakthrough is a simple process that will happen at mach speed. Genius does indeed lie in simplicity.  Put forty years of coaching experience and a unique lens for viewing human motion to work for you!